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Frequently Asked Questions

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Renault Car Leases FAQ Section

1/. Can My Wife Drive the Vehicle ?
Your wife, your children and your parents can drive the vehicle at no extra charge if they are at least 18 years old, have a valid driver's license for the countries in which they drive, and if they comply with the same tax-free regulations as you do. NB: Partners can also drive the vehicle if your relationship has been officially recognized or if they sign an official sworn statement.

2/. Does the Insurance cover my Luggage ?
No. But you can sign up for a personal belongings insurance when you place your order with your Renault Eurodrive representative.

3/. What Documents will I need to collect my car ?
You will need to have the following on you - your Renault Eurodrive contract – an international driver's license – a valid passport. If you have asked someone else to collect the vehicle, make sure you give this person written authorization.

4/. Can I pay a supplement to be Insured in countries other than those you cover ?
No. Unfortunately no geographical extension to the insurance contract is possible.

5/. What happens if I Decide to go anyway ?
If you decide to visit a country not covered by our insurance/assistance you are fully liable and must pay all expenses resulting from a breakdown or other problem.

6/. Can I return the vehicle to another centre tahn the one initially planned ?
Yes, absolutely. You must simply contact the centre of your choice at least 72 hours in advance to make an appointment (cf. the Trip Log ( or... ..) to get the phone number and opening hours of the centre along with a map).

7/. Can I choose the colour of my car ?
Unfortunately, we cannot promise to provide a particular colour. However, Renault tries to make sure its vehicles are in the most popular colours of the day.

8/. In winter, do vehicles come with snow tyres ?
No. Our vehicles have all-weather tyres all year round.

9/. What documents do I need to cross borders in Europe ?
The documents you are given when you take deliver of your car - the vehicle registration document (grey card), car insurance and Warranty booklet and your identity papers (Passport, international driver's licence) suffice to cross European borders. However, you may need to purchase a special disc to travel in certain countries.

10/. I smoke Cigars, Is It a problem ?
You are free to smoke in the vehicle as long as no damage is done (seats burnt, stains, etc.).

11/. Is It possible to have the vehicle delivered or picked up at the end of the contract ?
We unfortunately can only deliver vehicles to Renault Eurodrive delivery centres. French legislation prevents us from driving your vehicle.

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Citroen Car Leases FAQ Section

1/. How do I reserve a Citroen DriveEurope vehicle ?
It's easy! To place your order, just follow these simple steps:
Choose the Citroen model you want to order.

Confirm your intended pick up and drop off locations. To secure your booking, you will need to complete an online booking or/call our reservations centre. We require a deposit of $500 to request the vehicle. All bookings must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the intended pick up date. (In some cases, bookings can be made at shorter notice depending on vehicle availability and pick-up location).

You will be asked to sign an order form containing all the information necessary for your reservation (type of vehicle, any accessories, dates and places of delivery and return, flight details for airport deliveries, etc.) and to supply the following documents:
3 x CLEAR Photocopies of your Passport
1 x CLEAR Photocopy of your current drivers licence.

Once Vehicle is confirmed, a contract will be forwarded to you for signing. This contract will then need to be returned to globalCARS.Final balance of payment is due 6 weeks before collection(or subect to specials at the time).

4 Weeks before collection you will receive your Pack which will include your contract, Letter of Confirmation and pick up and drop off location instructions and telephone numbers. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions on the reverse of your copy of the contract when you receive it.

2/. Who is eligible to use this Tax Free Citroen DriveEurope Program ?

Any person with temporary transit status can buy a tax-free brand new vehicle. The TT (temporary transit) programme is available for a maximum of 165 days.
In order to be eligible for tax-free status, you must be:

  • A tourist
  • A resident of a member country of the EU waiting for relocation outside the Union
  • A student resident from a foreign country or a French overseas territory currently studying in France
  • A trainee in a training programme but with permanent residency in a foreign country or in a French overseas territory
  • Any person with permanent residency in a foreign country or in a French overseas territory who are in France to undertake their military service

For students the maximum TT program is for a period of 12 months and they have to: -be older than 21years old
-Have a driving licence for more than 12 months. Students will also need to present the College / School certificate stating precisely the begining and end of studies.

In order to qualify for this TT tax-free package, you must give proof of foreign residency and meet the following conditions:

Hold a current valid driver's licence (not a provisional licence)
Be a resident of French overseas territories or a country outside the EU
Stay for less than 180 days in 12 consecutive months in one of the EU member countries
Not be engaged in any lucrative activity in one of the EU member countries.

3/. Where can I collect my Citroen DriveEurope vehicle ?
One of the best features about leasing a Citroen DriveEurope is the flexibility you have in choosing where to pick up and return your vehicle. All of our pick-up / drop-off points are centrally located at Airports or in the business sector of major cities and towns.

Extra charges apply for pick-up and drop-off destinations outside France.

To collect your Citroen DriveEurope you are required to produce a copy of your lease Contract (which will be provided to you prior to departure from Australia), your Passport and a valid International Drivers Licence. Only the registered owner can take delivery of the vehicle (name as written on the contract), and the registered owner must return the vehicle. The pick up procedure should take approximately ?‚½ hour in cities, airports and larger towns.

4/. Where can I drive my Citroen DriveEurope vehicle ?
Of all leasing operators Citroen DriveEurope offers the broadest range of countries where your comprehensive insurance applies.

Please note that due to local conditions in Europe,
insurance coverage for some countries is subject to change.
Albania** Estonia Leichtenstein Serbia & Montenegro
Andorra Finland Lithuania Slovakia
Austria France Luxembourg Slovenia
Belarus Germany Macedonia Spain incl Balearic Is
Belgium Gibraltar Malta Sweden
Bosnia-Herzegovina** Greece Monaco Switzerland
Britain Hungary Morocco Tunisia
Bulgaria Iran, Rep of** Netherlands Turkey
Croatia Ireland, Rep of Norway United Kingdom
Cyprus Israel** Poland Ukraine**
Czech Republic Italy Romania  
Denmark Latvia San Marino   
** Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Iran and Ukraine are not covered by the Assistance Citroen TT. However the vehicle is covered by the Insurance in these countries.

Note: Some countries may require an International Driving Permit (IDP).


5/. Who can drive the vehicle and can I have additional Drivers ?
The spouse and family members of the contract holder may drive the vehicle provided that they meet Temporary Transit requirements. The contract holder must be present in metropolitan France/Europe during this use.

(The term "spouse" should be understood in the broadest sense: cohabiting partner or civil pact partner (PACS in France), if proof of this link can be provided - contract, tax declaration, rent receipt, etc.)

The vehicle registration certificate or insurance card will state the name of the person who signed the order form. No other names can be added.

With regards to driver's licence:

  • All drivers must hold a full valid drivers licence with a clean driving record for a minimum of one year.
  • A learner or provisional drivers licence is not accepted.
  • An international licence is required for many countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

Regarding additional drivers;

  • Additional drivers are free, however the registered driver must be in the vehicle at all times whilst the additional driver is driving.
  • The immediate family members may drive locally without the registered driver in the vehicle.
  • Under no circumstance can the family member take the vehicle across any borders without the registered driver being in the vehicle.
  • Immediate family members are spouse, son, or daughter of the registered driver travelling under the same surname and residential address as the registered driver. All additional drivers must comply with all requirements of the lease.

In relation to the case of same sex couples and de facto relationships. It has been declared by the French Customs that a Statutory Declaration is sufficient and valid to endorse a legal relationship that comes under the French law of who can drive the car and this original statutory declaration is to be accompanied with the contract along with copies of passports & drivers licenses.

6/. Will I get a new car and what are the purchase taxes such as GST / VAT ?
Your Citroen DriveEurope car is a brand new vehicle and under special arrangement with the French government, it is fully tax free.

7/. Is my Citroen DriveEurope insured ?
Citroen DriveEurope includes full comprehensive insurance with no insurance excess.

The following are not covered or reimbursed by the insurance and remain payable by the contract holder :

  • loss or damage to personal belongings and objects
  • expenses arising from lack of fuel or fuel inversion
  • expenses arising following a puncture (not caused by an accident)
  • expenses incurred following the loss of car keys, the vehicle registration certificate, etc.

    NB: In the event of an accident with a replacement vehicle (rental vehicle), excess will be payable by the driver.
    To drive a replacement vehicle, the driver must be at least 21 years of age and have held a driving licence for over a year.

8/. What Citroen DriveEurope Assistance (24/7) ?
In the event of an accident, attempted theft, theft or breakdown in any country covered by the insurance policy (see list in the previous question), the 24/7 assistance service provides prompt technical or material assistance.

The terms and conditions of assistance are fully explained in the assistance brochure.
-Citroen DriveEurope Assistance (24/7)
Tel : 0 800 05 24 24 ( +33 5 49 25 24 24 from outside France)
The number is free from a fixed line.Citroen DriveEurope Assistance ( 24h/24 - 7/7) Tel : 0 800 05 24 24 ( +33 5 49 25 24 24 outside of France)

9/. Is there a limit on the number of kilometres I can drive my Citroen DriveEurope ?
No, You can do as many or as few kilometres as you wish, it has no effect on the price or conditions.

10/. What safety and security equipment is fitted to my Citroen DriveEurope ?
All Citroen DriveEurope vehicles are fitted with ABS Brakes, 2 or more airbags, Central locking, and engine immobiliser ands well as power steering and front power windows.

11/. Will a reflective jacket and breakdown triangle be provided in my Citroen DriveEurope vehicle ?
it is compulsory for all vehicles in France and Spain to carry a reflective jacket and breakdown triangle. Citroen customers can purchase an emergency kit consisting of these items upon arrival. Delivery centres at French airports, Geneva airport, Avignon station and Calais ferry offer the kit at the cost of 15 Euros. Other delivery centres offer the kit at 20 Euros. The kit may also be purchased at most service stations and supermarkets.

For other countries please check local requirements. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have the adequate and necessary items required. Please visit the website http://www.aaroadwatch.ie/eupetrolprices/ for relevant information. The laws and requirements vary between countries. Citroen DriveEurope cannot predict where each client will travel and therefore leave it to the client to enquire and purchase.

12/. Please explain the tyres fitted to the vehicles supplied.
All vehicles are supplied with standard tyres. Snow tyres are only available by private purchase. If you decide to purchase your own snow tyres you must return the vehicle with the original tyres. Snow chains can be ordered with globalCARS & pre-paid before departure and supplied by CITROEN on collection. Tyre punctures and tyre and wheel damage of any kind are at the leasee's expense.

Note: Standard tyres may not be suitable for winter road conditions and extreme weather in various countries throughout Europe. For safety reasons, it is the responsibility of the contract holder to ensure that their car suits the road, weather conditions and the legal requirements for road safety throughout the countries where the car will be driven during the term of the contract.

13/. Do I need to service my Citroen DriveEurope vehicle ?
All our vehicles are delivered new.

A warranty inspection must be carried out between 15000 and 20000 kms (10000/12500 miles). This inspection is charged to the customer and must be performed by a representative of the Citroen network.

To find your nearest Citroen garage, just call Citroen Assistance.
Tel : 0 800 05 24 24 (+33 5 49 25 24 24 from outside France)
This number is free from a fixed line.

NOTE: The current contract still states service at 2000 kms. THIS IS NO LONGER REQUIRED.

14/. Please Explain the satellite navigation system or GPS System.
For your convenience, many Citroen DriveEurope vehicles have built in Satellite Navigation GPS with directions for 25 Countries. Details on which models come with built in Satellite Navigation GPS can be found on the pricing pages.

Countries included are Germany, France, Monaco, Andorra, United Kingdom, Italy, The Vatican, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The major roads and some major cities of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia.

15 /. What sort of in car entertainment system does my Citroen DriveEurope have ?
All Citroen DriveEurope vehicles are fitted with a CD / Radio system. Many also have MP3 connections and some of the luxury people movers even have DVD players. Check the Specification listing on the Citroen Home Page.

16/. How do I extend my contract during my stay ?
You can extend your Citroen DriveEuropecontract for a maximum duration of 165 days by calling Citroen Champ de Mars on 01 53 04 34 80 ( +33 1 53 04 34 80) at least 48 hours before the scheduled return date.

Prices per day differ from the prices applicable when you signed the Citroen DriveEuropecontract. Extra days must be paid directly to Citroen Champ de Mars by bank card.

17/. What countries do I need an International Licence ?
Please contact us for more Information

18/. Can you advise about road toll charges in Europe ?
There are toll roads throughout Europe and the way they "work" varies. In most countries you pay cash/Credit Card as you exit the toll road - with the piece of paper obtained when entering the toll road telling the toll booth where you entered.

Switzerland charges a fee for the use of motorways (green road signs). The vignette, which is a sticker applied to inside of the windscreen, costs a flat-rate price and is mandatory for motor vehicles. Vignettes can be purchased at customs offices at most border entries. also obtainable at post offices, petrol stations, automobile associations and railway stations. They are valid from 1 December until 31 January of the year after the following year.

http://www.mappy.co.uk/ is a fabulous web-site giving the road traveller a wealth of infomation.
Click here for European Driving Guide

19/. Why are there so many diesels on offer and so few automatics ?
In Europe due to environmental concerns diesel fuel is about 25% less than petrol and is up to 35% more efficient. There are simply more diesels manufactured. Automatics are also rare for this reason.

Citroen DriveEurope offers an extensive range of both petrol and diesel models. If you plan on a long stay and driving many miles, then we recommend a car with diesel fuel. It is generally cheaper to purchase and gives better mileage.

20/. Tell me about the payment procedure and what if I need to cancel ?
DEPOSIT: $500 ensures reservation of vehicle.
PAYMENT : Final payment is required 4 weeks prior to collection of your vehicle.

Citroen DriveEurope Cancellation Fees Car Leasing
Cancellations more than 4 weeks prior to collection 15% of rental (minimum $500 fee)
31 - 0 days prior to pick up 15% of rental & Suppliers Fees
Amendment fee FREE *subject to suppliers charges

No show or early return 100% of rental costs. i.e. No refund for unused services.
Registration papers must be completed and returned at least 4 weeks prior to collection of your car.
Additional time may be required if you are collecting outside of France

21/. Can I return the vehicle earlier than planned ?
You can return your vehicle earlier than planned :

You must inform Citroen Champ de Mars at 01 53 04 34 80.
You will be reimbursed for any unused days beyond the first 23 paid days (any promotions will be included in the calculation).

A time deductible of 8 days remains payable and no reimbursements will be made for periods of less than 30 days. For student contracts, a time deductible of 30 days applies and no reimbursements will be made for periods of less than 90 days. In both cases, a 16% fee will be payable.

If you cancel before taking delivery of your vehicle, your Citroen DriveEuroperepresentative may invoice cancellation fees depending on the state of progress of your order.

If the customer returns suddenly to his/her home country, leaving the vehicle in a country and/or place other than that stated on the order form, the cost of shipping the vehicle to the scheduled point of return will be payable by the customer

22/. What is the price of Diesel / Petrol in Europe ?
Diesel is generally a little cheaper but remember the fuel savings with Diesel. Usually about a third more distance out of a tank of Diesel than Petrol. CLICK HERE for the latest rates.

Other important notes......
Roadside assistance only applies to countries where Citroen DriveEurope insurance coverage applies.
Approximately 10-15 litres of fuel (petrol/diesel) is provided free of charge. Fuel and oil thereafter is at your cost.

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